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Theosophical Art

I hope to build a linkpage for theosophical artists on the internet

  • Wassily Kandinsky Born in Russian and A Theosophist, he was vital to the influential Blue Rider and Bauhaus movements. He tried to represent musical structures and rhythms in his work
    Wikipedia Biography Works in galleries worldwide

    Black and Violet

    Composition with a bottle of Bochkarev

  • Paul Klee. Paul Klee was deeply influenced by Theosophy. His work often follows a moving point, and features colour chords combinations, and rhythic elements. Major new museum Paul Klee Zentrum, Bern, Switzerland
    Wikipedia Biography Works in galleries worldwide

    Dream City

    Legend of the Nile

  • Piet Mondrian Born in The Netherlands, and a Theosophist, his apparently simple reductionist designs show a balance and movement of colours
    Wikipedia Biography Works in galleries worldwide


    Composition with Red Yellow and Blue, 1921

  • The Article Points (Lucretian Codes) by Ondrej Galuska is interesting because it shows some of the spiritual and conceptual ideas underpinning the work of Kandinsky, Klee and Mondrian

  • Hilma af Klint. A Swedish Artist, mystic and Theosophist who was one of the first 'Modernists'. Guardian Article. Wikipedia Biography

    The Ten Biggest No7 Manhood 1907

    Altar Painting No 1 Group 10 1915

  • John O'Rourke. John is a member of the Theosophical Society, based in Newcastle, where he lectures in painting and sculpture. He is currently taking a PhD course in Fine Art practice. John recently received 1st prize from the Royal Society of Portrait Painters for one of his paintings. He also adds a theosophical commentary to his works, and 3 of these are published here along with the works themselves -
    The Efficacious Symbolism of Phenomena (Word document 50kb)
    Hilma af Klint & the Theosophical Roots of Abstraction in Western Art
    (Word document 50kb)
    Luminary - a new work at a group show (Word document 50kb)