Theosophical Music

I hope to build an archive of theosophical music on the internet - I hope the copyright holders (if any) will treat this as good publicity rather than a breach of copyright. Please buy the tracks !!
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  • Agustin Barrios Mangore. A Paraguayan composer (mostly for guitar), who wrote.
    "In spite of a severe religious education, my primitive pantheism has pointed me in the direction of Theosophy, the most human and rational of philosophic concepts. I believe in the immutable laws of Nature. And Humanity and the Good impregnate my spirit as the ethical end of all existence."
    Here is a brief biography, and here are some mp3 tracks by him:-
    La Catedral 2.8mb Preludio En Sol Menor 3.8mb
    Sueno en la Foresta 8.6mb Aire de Zamba 3.2mb
    John Williams and Jorge Morel are noted performers of his work

  • Alexander Scriabin Mostly wrote piano music From the Scriabin Society website biography:-
    Scriabin's thought processes were immensely complicated, even tinged with solipsism. "I am God," he once wrote in one of his secret philosophical journals. He embraced Helena Blavatsky's Theosophy. In London he visited the room in which Mme. Blavatsky died. Scriabin considered his last music to be fragments of an immense piece to be called Mysterium. This seven-day-long megawork would be performed at the foothills of the Himalayas in India, after which the world would dissolve in bliss.
    Here are some tracks by him:
    Piano Sonata No. 7, 'White Mass'. 13.5mb
    Etude in Thirds, Op. 8, No. 10 (violin and piano). 2.3mb
    12 Etudes, Opus 8, No. 8 in A Flat Major 5.3mb
    12 Etudes, Opus 8, No. 10 in D Flat Major 3.2mb
    12 Etudes, Opus 8, No. 12 in D Sharp Minor 3.6mb

  • Cyril Scott . The Cyril Scott homepage is .
    Here are some quotes about him from this site:-
    Reacting against what he regarded as the narrow piety of his Victorian parents Scott briefly turned agnostic, then became interested in Theosophy and finally in Occultism which he described as a synthesis of Science, Philosophy and Religion. It influenced his life profoundly.
    In 1920 he wrote the first volume of an extremely popular trilogy concerning one such Initiate, simply titled The Initiate. The second and third volumes, The Initiate in the New World and The Initiate in the Dark Cycle followed in 1927 and 1932. They remain in print today, are still being translated into different languages, and have been optioned for a film.
    Another book, again largely governed by his Occult beliefs was Music, Its Secret Influence Throughout the Ages. In it he states that certain composers throughout history have been inspired by Initiates and by one in particular, Master K.H.
    Symphony Number 3 Sample 2.8mb link to CD

  • Paul Landry. Paul is a member of the TS, and is making a CD of atmospheric instrumentals - here is a preview - The Departure (3.7mb)

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