Man on Earth - Theosophy and the Fossil Record, by George McNamara

2. The Differences between Men and Apes

The Secret Doctrine also points out the following major ideas and differences

  • Physical man, we say, existed before the first bed of the Cretaceous rocks was deposited. In the early part of the Tertiary Age, the most brilliant civilization the world has ever known flourished at a period when the Hæckelian man-ape is conceived to have roamed through the primeval forests, and Mr. Grant Allen's putative ancestor to have swung himself from bough to bough with his hairy mates, the degenerated Liliths of the Third Race Adam. Yet there were no anthropoid apes in the brighter days of the civilization of the Fourth Race; but Karma is a mysterious law, and no respecter of persons. The monsters bred in sin and shame by the Atlantean giants, "blurred copies" of their bestial sires, and hence of modern man (SD p.670)
  • . . . . . . . the size of the human skull and its brain, as well as the cavities, increase with the individual development of man. His intellect develops and increases with age, while his facial bones and jaws diminish and straighten, thus being more and more spiritualized: whereas with the ape it is the reverse. In its youth the anthropoid is far more intelligent and good-natured, while with age it becomes duller; and, as its skull recedes and seems to diminish as it grows, its facial bones and jaws develop, the brain being finally crushed, and thrown entirely back, to make with every day more room for the animal type. The organ of thought-the brain-recedes and diminishes, entirely conquered and replaced by that of the wild beast-the jaw apparatus. (SD p.682)
  • Elsewhere, though I cannot find the quote, I have read that if you interbred congenital idiots for several generations, you would get simian or ape-like offspring, but you could selectively breed the apes for centuries or millennia, but you would never get a man.

Other evidence.

  • flints of undeniably human making were excavated from Miocene strata. (by l'abbé Bourgeois) (SD p.675
  • When one finds that not only was the "primeval savage" (?) a reality in the Miocene times, but that, as de Mortillet shows, the flint relics he has left behind him were splintered by fire in that remote epoch; (SD p.678)
  • The difficulty is this: the difference in structure between the lowest existing race of man and the highest existing ape is too great to admit of the possibility of one being the direct descendant of the other. (SD p.677)
  • Still he is essentially a man, and separated by a wide gulf from the chimpanzee or the gorilla. Even the idiot or cretin, whose brain is no larger and intelligence no greater than that of the chimpanzee, is an arrested man, not an ape (SD p.678)
  • …. . . . . . Lemuria, which was the cradle of mankind-of the physical sexual creature who materialized through long æons out of the ethereal hermaphrodites. (SD p.680)

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