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  • A Visionary Tradition - Part II: by Colin McCallien. A modern mandala is seen to be similar to an ancient Mu symbol, to Hindu pictures of the heart chakra, to an ancient geometrical template and to be reminiscent of Revelation.. Thus the visionary tradition of our ancestors is still under active development. Available as Word document (440kb) or as PDF file (270kb) (both are landscape layout)

  • John O'Rourke. John is a member of the Theosophical Society, based in Newcastle, where he lectures in painting and sculpture. He is currently taking a PhD course in Fine Art practice. John recently received 1st prize from the Royal Society of Portrait Painters for one of his paintings. He also adds a theosophical commentary to his works, and 3 of these are published here -
    The Efficacious Symbolism of Phenomena (Word document 50kb)
    Hilma af Klint & the Theosophical Roots of Abstraction in Western Art
    (Word document 50kb)
    Luminary - a new work at a group show (Word document 50kb)

  • Theosophy and Agni Yoga. by Natalia Kovaliova. A shorter version of this article was recently published in the quarterly "Insight" journal of the Society. This longer article details the links between theosophy and Agni Yoga, and highlights some of the more important teachings of Agni Yoga. Translated from the original Russian by Vladimir Baskayev and Nigel Smith. Downloadable as Word Document (43kb)

  • A Visionary Tradition: by Colin McCallien. Insight into the design and meaning of New Jerusalem, John's holy city in Revelation, is obtained from the sacred geometry of many ancient monuments. The geometry suggests that New Jerusalem, like the map of London, is part of a spiritual tradition as old as the pyramids. Downloadable as Word Document (330kb) or as PDF file (280kb) (both are landscape layout)

  • Old Diary Leaves. A play in four acts by Alan Hughes. This play was first performed at the English Summer School in 2006, and it dramatises the story of the Foundation of the Society, using as its raw material Olcott's book "Old Diary Leaves". From a review of it ........ "I found that something clicked and it really seemed to capture the events" Perhaps other lodges and groups would be interested in performing it.
    Downloadable only as a Word Document (92kb)

  • Celtic Crosses, by Colin McCallien. The traditional Celtic cross embodies a spiritual message which speaks to our subconscious mind and which is explored here, in the light of the ancient wisdom. This symbolic message was a natural addition to a practical skill that recent research suggests was maintained for navigating and surveying. The Welsh tradition, recorded in the Middle Ages and taught by contemporary druidism, points the way to a spiritual understanding of the old stone crosses and to similar symbols that are often disguised although in full view on top of public buildings.
    PDF document with many illustrations, (750kb)

  • Points (Lucretian Codes) by Ondrej Galuska. Looks at the classical theories of points, atoms and Monads, and how points are used by the great theosophical artists, Klee, Kandinsky and Mondrian (and the pointilists too)
    Word Document (50kb)
    Formerly printed in Rhizomes 6 (2003)

  • Man on Earth - Theosophy and the Fossil Record, by George McNamara. Extracts the 'best' passages from the "Secret Doctrine" relating to fossils and evolution, and discusses their relevance now. As Word Document or Web Pages

  • Discourse and Theosophy, by George McNamara. Do we really think for ourselves, or do we "all knit along together" using discourse. An introduction to discourse theories, and how they can help us understand and use the mental plane. As Word Document or Web Pages

  • The Mahatma Papers at the British Library by George McNamara. A report on a group visit to see the original "Mahatma Letters" Manuscripts at the British Library, which are in the handwriting of masters KH and M. As Word Document or Web Page

  • The Book Of Dzyan. Harvey Tordoff has written a range of material about the Book of Dzyan. These are teachings handed down through the Ages, The Book of Dzyan in the Third Millennium is an article explaining the Stanzas and their significance. Word Document and Web Pages
    Harvey's book "O Lanoo!" retells the story of the creation and evolution of the universe and mankind in a poetical style sympathetic to the original and drawing on the explanations given by H. P. Blavatsky. The following provide a flavour. (Visit the O Lanoo! website
    extract from O Lanoo The Essence of the Creation to Come - Web Page
    extract from O Lanoo Natural Evolution - Web Page

  • Introducing Theosophy - articles by Harvey Tordoff
    Theosophical Basics
    Word Document and Web Pages
    Word Document and Web Pages
    The Essence
    Word Document and Web Pages

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